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Grizzlies on the rize
Mr. Santana on 11/11/2007 at 1:15am (UTC)
 Next week is a very exciting week for all of us in Fairbanks. The team will officially have a name, a logo and colors. We can start driving ourselves crazy with the remaining questions: who the players are going to be? What the uniform is going to look like? Who our coach will be? And how exciting indoor football really is?

The indoor football is a combination of basketball and outdoor football. Is fast pace, hard hitting, high scoring football you don’t have to wait an hour to an hour and half to see a touchdown, or 40 seconds to see a play, because the play clock is 25 seconds long and the field is half the sides. Indoor football is meant more for fans because of those reason, and the fact that is easier to see what’s going on in the field due to the fact that it is so much smaller. So just picture a football game in a basketball court. Don’t forget the wall which allows you to see more athleticism as players are always consider inbounds until they are hit against or over the wall.

The indoor football is an experience worth living and a sport that once you watch; you will fall in love with. Make sure you come and check out the action this spring as the Fairbanks Grizzlies start their inaugural season.

Next week I will discuss the remaining question plus my take on the new logo and official name.

See you next week on the ROAR




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